Our mission is to provide information and market products relating to fence, gates, and automation of gates. We currently provide tips, installation information, that aid our customers and general public in these types of products. We also strive to deliver a custom fabricated gate that represents the personal input from our customer and look great on the customers entry. We will utilize the amazing power of the Internet to make as many new contacts for our products as possible. With this new technology we will in turn share our knowledge in the field of fence and related products.

Who Are We ?

Established in 1981 by Michael Jett, Custom Gate and Fences Inc. . has been operating as a supplier of fence and fence related products for nearly 25 years. We provide products to contractors, retailers, and homeowners located in the North Texas area.
It is our belief that our experienced employees are best suited to provide the service required for many of the products we sell. We offer Technical support on all of our products.

We stock many of our products. We do not stock everything we sell. It is at times more economical to ship some products directly from warehouses and manufacturers to you.You will save as a result. Providing the best products in an economical fashion directly to our customers is what we base our growth on.

Call 817-599-6347 or Email your request to: mjett@mail.com